Underwater Structure Survey

Monitoring and maintaining your submerged infrastructure has never been easier.

Routine inspections are the key to the long-term care and success of any infrastructure.

With underwater infrastructure, routine inspections such as dam, bridge, and resevoir inspections were historically arduous and difficult, and often dangerous. The importance of these inspections grows for the long-term health of the structure, due to the effect that water has on construction materials.

Manned vessels are placed in dangerous scenarios for a task that is taken for granted above the sea. Our Remoted Operated Vehicles (ROVs) can replace some of these vessels and divers in a range of roles. This can equate to significant cost saving.

Marine Science

Low impact vehicles for marine observations and data collection.

With our unmanned vehicles we can effectively gather data from the oceans. Our fleet includes both Remote Oparated Vehicles (ROVs) and Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) , carrying a variety of sensors and tools.

Water quality monitoring / Water sample acquisition / Wave monitoring / Passive Acoustic monitoring (PAM) / Current profiling / Meteorological monitoring

Ship Hull Inspection

Understand what’s happening under your vessel without diver intervention

Ocean shipping continues to be the main type of transport for thousands of goods and equipment across nation lines. From continent to continent, in today’s world of increased globalization, the connection between markets has never been more intertwined. A vessel’s structural integrity, potential transferring of invasive species, or contraband smuggling demands periodic inspections of the vessel’s hull during transit and when entering port. Commercial grade ROVs provide an affordable, user-friendly way to perform marine surveys, ship inspections, and more without diver intervention. Emergency hull inspections, nighttime inspections, ballast tank inspections, and marina checks are easily completed with remotely operated vehicles.

Underwater Discovery & Documendation

Explore. Discover. Learn. Without ever getting wet.

Exploring the undersea world has been compared to discovery in space – no less wondrous, and every bit as exciting. As we discover more and more about our Earth, the desire to understand what we cannot see beneath the waves is greater than ever.

But, as with space exploration, underwater discovery poses many challenges and dangers. Many of these discovery expeditions now make use of specially designed underwater exploration Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs) equipped with HD cameras to mitigate the risks.